24″ Cat Trap for Stray Cat Humane Rescue

24″ Cat Trap for Stray Cat Humane Rescue

24″ Cat Trap for Stray Cat Humane Rescue


  • No Poison
  • Re-useable & Easy to clean
  • Flat pack, some assembly required
  • Strong metal mouse cage
  • Metal Finger guard with handle for transportation
  • Simple set up with instructions
  • Humane alive catch and release, suitable size for big mouse, rabbits, raccoons, stray cats, opossums, groundhogs and similar size nuisance wildlife animals
  • Traps but doesn’t harm rodents inside the mouse cage
  • Ideal for houses, farms, backyards, restaurants, hotels, offices, garages, indoors and outdoors


  • Type: Humane Live Animal Trap Cages
  • Material: Galvanized Metal
  • Size: 61cm x 19cm x 21cm / 24″x7.5″x8.3″
  • Square Mesh: 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Package Included

  • 1 X Live Animal Trap Large Rodent Cage


  • Change the bait frequently to keep it fresh and attractive
  • The trap cage should be cleaned and washed after everyone uses it
  • The trap should be re-baited after every catch to refresh the scent
  • The mouse is very alert to new things, so it does not easily trap the mouse, especially the big mouse, please be patient and waiting for them
  • The trap cage should be put in the correct place for capturing the animals and please pay attention to check the instrument of the trap cage regularly

Humane Rat Trap

This humane trap is come flat packed but mostly assembled, it is only a few mins to set up to catch rats without killing or harming them. Simply bait and set the trap before positioning. Full instructions are provided on the pack. Cage trap dimensions: 24″x7.5″x8.3″.

Live Catch Rat Cage with 1 Door

The surface of the animal trap is galvanized steel for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion can keep in good condition for many years. A sensitive trigger ensures the single door snaps shut in micro-seconds eliminating the chance of a quick escape.

Safe and Sound for Kids and Pets

Mouse trap catcher is ideal for use in the home and safe for children and pets since it does not include any poisonous chemicals, hazardous materials, electricity, or any other potentially harmful instrument. The design of the transparent rat mouse cage trap keeps you away from direct touch with mice, decreasing the danger of bites and other infections spread by physical contact. Perfectly safe for children and pets.

Easy to Carry & Clean

This humane animal cage trap has a hand plate underneath the carrier handle for easy handling, protecting the user’s hand while carrying the cage from any scratches or bites. Easy to clean, just wash the humane rodent trap with water and dry it with cloth, you can reset a mouse trap. It can be reused and it’s easy to set.

Indoor & Outdoor Rat Trap

This rat trap works outside in gardens, garages, sheds, outbuildings, greenhouses, farm buildings, and inside for kitchens, cellars, lofts, and attic spaces. Use safe bait like peanut butter or meat scraps that will not cause harm to other animals or wildlife, no poison or chemicals are required.

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