AUTOOL BT-760 12V/24V 20-3000 CCA Auto Battery Load Tester

AUTOOL BT-760 12V/24V 20-3000 CCA Auto Battery Load Tester

AUTOOL BT-760 12V/24V 20-3000 CCA Auto Battery Load Tester


The AUTOOL BT-760 battery tester is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that adopts the world’s most advanced conductance testing technology. With its 2.8-inch large colorful screen and built-in thermal printer, it provides accurate and reliable testing results for all cars and motorcycles.

Unlike any other product on the market, the BT-760 features a reverse power protection device, ensuring that even if the power pole is connected in reverse, it will not damage your car or battery. This makes it a safe and reliable tool for testing your vehicle’s battery and charging system.

Technical Parameters

  • Application: 12V automotive cranking lead-acid battery and 12V/24V car system test
  • Measurement standards and measurement ranges:
    • CCA (USA): 20-3000
    • IEC (International): 20-2500
    • EN (Europe): 20-3000
    • DIN (Germany): 20-2500
    • JIS (Japan): 26A17-N200Z
    • Other Species
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Housing material: acid-resistant ABS plastic
  • Measuring battery range: 4AH-240AH
  • Measuring voltage range: 6V-30V

Packing List

  • 1* Battery Tester Built in printer (One Printing Paper Included)
  • 1* User Manual


  • Battery test
  • Cranking test
  • Charging test
  • Maximum load test
  • Reverse power connection protection
  • Print logs function with built-in thermal printer
  • Supports 12 languages


  • Accurately measures the actual cold starting current of the starting batteries
  • Detects the health condition of the batteries
  • Quickly detects common failures in the starting and charging systems
  • Convenient for rapid maintenance of cars and motorcycles
  • Safe and reliable with reverse power protection
  • Easy to use and carry around

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