BEWAVE Gutter Downspout Extensions – Protect Your Home’s Foundation

BEWAVE Gutter Downspout Extensions – Protect Your Home’s Foundation

BEWAVE Gutter Downspout Extensions – Protect Your Home’s Foundation


An effective downspout extension system is essential to maintaining the health, safety, and functionality of your entire property–from your foundation to your front lawn. Don’t go another day dealing with a dysfunctional or nonexistent downspout extension system!


  • Home Foundation Protector: BEWAVE gutter downspout extensions are easily divert unwanted rainwater away from your home’s foundation.
  • Clog-free design flushes leaves and debris away.
  • 4 color tubes to match your home.
  • Rigid, corrugated design enables you to bury, connect or bend the extension.
  • Easy Installation: Just attach it to your existing downspout and tight the screws in place.
  • Split Extension Design: The rain gutter downspout extension features a split design that allows multiple units to be joined together for added length and increased versatility.


  • Material: Vinyl construction for durability
  • Length: Extend from 21-58 Inches
  • Package included: 2 Pack gutter extensions
  • Color Available: Black, White, Brown, Grey
  • Warm Tips: There would be the color difference for different screens and monitors

Perfect Protection Foundation

Downspout extenders are very necessary for residential and commercial residences, which can help to redirect water away from your home. It also helps to prevent the problems of flooding in your home.

Flexible Extension Tube Design

The flexible downspout extension retractable design is easy to bend and hold the shape, which you can bury the hose into the ground while considering the aesthetics performance.

Work on Most Downspouts

Fits both 2-inch x 3-inch and 3-inch x 4-inch downspouts. Each gutter extension could be extended to 58 inches. Please check.

Easy to Use

No need for professional installation! Just connect the downspout and tighten the screws, then extend the tube according to your needs. It is suggested that the water should be diverted at least 4 to 6 feet away from the house.

Package Included

Come with 2 Pcs BEWAVE downspout extensions, the two extenders can be connected for a long distance which can help divert excess rainwater away from your home and protect the foundation in a good way.