BTSD-home Bed Risers – Adjustable Furniture Risers

BTSD-home Bed Risers – Adjustable Furniture Risers

BTSD-home Bed Risers – Adjustable Furniture Risers

Are you tired of your bed or sofa being too low? Do you need some extra storage space underneath? Look no further than BTSD-home Bed Risers. These heavy-duty adjustable furniture risers are the perfect solution to elevate your furniture to your desired height.

Elevate Your Furniture

With BTSD-home Bed Risers, you can easily elevate your bed or sofa by 1 or 3 inches. This allows for more comfortable sitting or sleeping positions, as well as creating additional storage space underneath. Whether you need to store extra bedding, clothes, or other items, these risers will provide the height you need.

Heavy-Duty and Adjustable

Our bed risers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability. Each riser can support heavy furniture without any wobbling or collapsing. The adjustable design allows you to choose between two different heights, depending on your preference and needs.

Perfect for Dorm Beds and Sofas

BTSD-home Bed Risers are ideal for dorm beds and sofas. In cramped dorm rooms, every inch of space matters. By elevating your bed, you can create extra storage space for textbooks, clothes, and other essentials. The same goes for sofas in small apartments or living rooms. These risers will help you make the most of your limited space.

Easy to Install

Installing BTSD-home Bed Risers is a breeze. Simply place the risers under each leg of your bed or sofa and adjust the height accordingly. The non-slip bottom ensures that your furniture stays in place, even on slippery surfaces. You can easily remove the risers whenever you need to move or rearrange your furniture.

  1. Can I use these bed risers on any type of bed or sofa?
  2. Yes, these risers are suitable for most types of beds and sofas. However, please check the dimensions and weight capacity to ensure compatibility.

  3. How many risers are included in a pack?
  4. Each pack contains 4 black square bed risers.

  5. Can I stack multiple risers for additional height?
  6. No, it is not recommended to stack multiple risers as it may compromise stability and safety.

  7. Are these risers easy to clean?
  8. Yes, you can easily clean these risers with a damp cloth or mild detergent.

In conclusion, BTSD-home Bed Risers are the perfect solution to elevate your bed or sofa. With their heavy-duty and adjustable design, you can easily create extra storage space and improve your sitting or sleeping experience. Don’t settle for low furniture when you can easily raise it to your desired height with these durable and stylish bed risers.