CH4X4 3D PVC Patches – Land Cruiser FJ40 – Yellow

CH4X4 3D PVC Patches – Land Cruiser FJ40 – Yellow

CH4X4 3D PVC Patches – Land Cruiser FJ40 – Yellow


Welcome to the world of CH4X4 3D PVC Patches! If you are a Land Cruiser FJ40 enthusiast, then you are in for a treat. Our vibrant yellow patches are designed specifically for Land Cruiser FJ40 lovers like you. Made from high-quality PVC material, these patches not only showcase your passion but also offer durability and a unique 3D design. Let’s dive into the details and discover why these patches are a must-have for any Land Cruiser FJ40 owner.

Features of CH4X4 3D PVC Patches – Land Cruiser FJ40 – Yellow

1. High-Quality PVC Material

Our patches are crafted from premium PVC material, ensuring long-lasting quality. The PVC material is known for its durability, making these patches resistant to wear and tear.

2. Vibrant Yellow Color

The vibrant yellow color of these patches adds a pop of brightness to your Land Cruiser FJ40 gear. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your love for the iconic Land Cruiser FJ40 with these eye-catching patches.

3. Unique 3D Design

Unlike traditional patches, our CH4X4 3D PVC Patches feature a unique three-dimensional design. The raised elements on the patches create a visually appealing effect, adding depth and texture to your collection.

4. Easy to Attach

Attaching these patches to your clothing or accessories is a breeze. The patches come with a hook-and-loop backing, allowing for quick and secure attachment. Simply peel off the protective layer and stick the patch to your desired surface.

5. Versatile Usage

These patches are not limited to just clothing. You can also attach them to backpacks, hats, jackets, or any other item you want to personalize. Let your creativity shine and find unique ways to display your love for the Land Cruiser FJ40.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these patches be washed?

A: Yes, these patches are washable. However, we recommend hand washing them to ensure their longevity.

Q: Are these patches suitable for outdoor use?

A: Absolutely! Our CH4X4 3D PVC Patches are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Q: Can I remove the patches without leaving any residue?

A: Yes, the hook-and-loop backing allows for easy removal without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Q: How many patches are included in a pack?

A: Each pack contains one CH4X4 3D PVC Patch in the Land Cruiser FJ40 design.

Q: Can I customize the color of the patches?

A: Currently, we only offer the vibrant yellow color for the Land Cruiser FJ40 patches. However, we are constantly expanding our product range, so stay tuned for future color options.

Get your CH4X4 3D PVC Patches – Land Cruiser FJ40 – Yellow today and let the world know about your passion for the iconic Land Cruiser FJ40. Stand out with the vibrant yellow color and unique 3D design. Order now and elevate your Land Cruiser FJ40 gear to the next level!