CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads (2pk)

CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads (2pk)

CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads (2pk)

Safely Load and Unload Your Cargo and Equipment

When it comes to safely loading and unloading your cargo and equipment, the CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads is the best and most efficient solution. These ramps are designed to make the process easy and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Key Features

Lightweight Ramp

CargoSmart ramps are lightweight and easy to transport and carry. With a distributed load capacity of 1,250 lbs per pair and 625 lbs per ramp if used individually, these ramps can handle ATVs, push mowers, dirt bikes, and more.

Large Tread Design

The large tread design with traction cut outs ensures that your equipment will stay safely on the ramp while loading and unloading. You don’t have to worry about your equipment slipping or sliding during the process.

Secure Loading

Adjustable safety straps are included with the ramps to provide a secure loading and unloading experience. These straps ensure that your equipment will be safely loaded onto your truck, giving you peace of mind during transportation.

Rust Proof

With a width of 12″ and a length of 78″, these ramps with treads are built with strong and durable rustproof aluminum construction. They are designed to withstand the elements and last for a long time, providing you with reliable performance.

About CargoSmart

CargoSmart is dedicated to engineering cargo management solutions that safely and securely get you to where you’re going. Our range of bike and sports racks, cargo carriers, ramps, and organizational solutions are designed with innovative features to enhance your activities and passions. Whether you’re on the job site or embarking on your next outdoor adventure, CargoSmart products work as hard as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these ramps suitable for heavy equipment?

No, these ramps are designed for light equipment such as lawn tractors, push mowers, and ATVs. For heavy equipment, we recommend using ramps with a higher load capacity.

2. Can these ramps be used individually?

Yes, these ramps can be used individually if needed. Each ramp has a load capacity of 625 lbs.

3. Are the safety straps adjustable?

Yes, the safety straps included with the ramps are adjustable to ensure a secure loading and unloading experience.

4. Can these ramps be used with trucks of different heights?

Yes, the top plate of the ramps creates a smooth transition into the truck bed, allowing for easy loading and unloading with trucks of different heights.

5. Are these ramps easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the rustproof aluminum construction of these ramps makes them easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them in good condition.

Get the most out of your activities and passions with CargoSmart products. Safely and easily load and unload your light equipment, lawn tractors, ATVs, and more with the CargoSmart Aluminum Straight Fixed Ramp with Treads. With a capacity of 1,250 lbs and a durable rustproof aluminum construction, these ramps are built to last.