Efforest V-Line Electric Face Massager | Double Chin Reducer Machine

Efforest V-Line Electric Face Massager | Double Chin Reducer Machine

Efforest V-Line Electric Face Massager | Double Chin Reducer Machine

Face slimming massager accelerates skin repairing and boosts collagen production, which helps your get healthier and smoother. Regular use of this face lifting massager can make your skin elastic and youthful. It is recommended to use this device for 15 minutes a day and notice changes in just 4 weeks. This face lifting massagers not only helps your face get slimmer but also tightens facial muscles, reduces wrinkles and lessens facial lines. This can also improve the skin around the eyes and neck. With the snug-fit design, this face lifting device is designed to fit the chin curve of every man and woman. Whether you have a big or small head, you can adjust the strap for the best fit.

Easy to Use and Store

This device is small and foldable, not eating so much space when stored. It is wireless which makes it perfect to use whenever and wherever you go. Enjoy a massage while sleeping, reading, doing household chores, traveling in a car, and so on.

Upgraded Version Facial Massager

We have listened to our devoted customers to the issues they faced using our facial massager tool. With revised manual instructions and improved mode programming, this face massager device can now give you an exceptional skincare workout to lift and define the lower part of the face by stimulating the reduction of fat skin cell deposits and activating natural blood circulation to rejuvenate and hydrate for a firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance

This face lift device is the holy grail to achieve the perfect firmness and slimming shape you’ve always desired in your face line. It’s a face slimmer, double chin reducer, jawline sculptor, and tightening machine tool with three EMS therapy modes that work synergically to make the skin nourished and moisturized as it provides firm adhesion to tighten sagging skin around the neck and jawline.

Ergonomic V-Shape Design Fits Comfortably

The V-line face slimmer massaging tool is adjustable to fit any shape and size of the face. By adjusting the headband strap, you can place the face slimming massager and frame the device starting from the jawline. The remote control allows you to select the different modes and intensity levels without touching or taking off the device.

Three Massaging Modes with Voice Prompts

The revolutionary concept of this face sculpting tool gives you voice commands that you will hear, from powering on, to selecting the massage mode and turning off the face device. The 3 massage modes include thin face, tira, and whitening mode, all easily selected with the remote control with options to adjust the intensity levels. It is recommended to use it for 15 minutes for the best result at least twice a day.

Perfect to Use at Home and Portable for Travel

Boost confidence and feel comfortable in yourself at every stage of life. Using this double chin remover is sure to enhance skin elasticity, tighten skin pores, sculpt your jawline, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and stimulate blood circulation and collagen production for a firm and toning skin complexion. The powerful lifting effect will be noticed in minutes with Efforest face chin massager. Use it regularly to achieve a long-lasting effect.