Feuerhand Galvanized Lantern – Royal Blue

Feuerhand Galvanized Lantern – Royal Blue

Feuerhand Galvanized Lantern – Royal Blue


Feuerhand Lanterns offer reliable light that lasts. Using the same high-quality design Feuerhand is known for, these lanterns are now galvanized for extra protection against rust and corrosion. These Feuerhand lanterns are extremely durable and offer higher weather resistance than other lanterns. They are an ideal choice for the outdoors.

What’s the difference between the Feuerhand’s original lanterns and their galvanized lanterns?

Both lanterns are built with the same design (same size, same parts) and are quite similar in looks. The only difference is that the original ones are just tin-plated, while the galvanized lanterns have a protective galvanized coating, which is more resistant to rust. They’re a hardier lantern for the outdoors!

What’s the difference between Feuerhand and Dietz lanterns?

Feuerhand lanterns are very similar to the Dietz Original #76, but they’re about 20% heavier and feature ALL German components (including glass, wicks, and sourcing of steel). You’ll see and feel their higher quality immediately.

About this item

  • Feuerhand lanterns are known for their high-quality design – 100% made in Germany
  • Burns K1 Kerosene
  • Output: 3.5 candlepower of light
  • Tank: 11.5 oz, burns 20 hrs
  • Size: 10″ H, 1-1/4 lb