MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set – The Perfect Floor Cleaning Solution

MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set – The Perfect Floor Cleaning Solution

MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set – The Perfect Floor Cleaning Solution


The MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set is a revolutionary cleaning tool that will transform the way you clean your floors. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this mop and bucket set provides better quality and convenience compared to traditional mops.

Provide with Better Quality

The mop bucket is made of high-quality thickened plastic instead of cheap and fragile plastic, ensuring extra strength and durability. With an effective working water capacity of 6L, this bucket is suitable for daily floor cleaning in any household. The large handle of the bucket allows for easy mobility, making your cleaning tasks more convenient.

Self Washing and Drying

With the MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set, you can easily wash and dry your mop without getting your hands dirty. Simply soak the mop in the bucket and pivot it 360 degrees repeatedly for effective washing. Then, put the mop head completely into the stainless steel agitator, step on the pedal, and spin again to quickly dehydrate the mop. The anti-splash mechanism ensures that sewage does not splash around, keeping your hands clean throughout the process.

Friendly Foot Pedal Design

This mop bucket features a foot pedal design that offers two ways of dehydration: hand pressing and foot pressing. The foot pedal design is especially friendly to the elderly and those with joint pain, as it allows for cleaning the mop in an upright position without bending over or straining the upper body. Save energy and stay happy during heavy floor cleaning with this user-friendly design.

Strong Water Absorption

The MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket Set comes with 5 microfiber mop pad refills. These ultra-soft cotton fabric pads have excellent water absorption, allowing them to rapidly absorb all kinds of wet stains. They are also effective in capturing hairs, dust, debris, and small particles in dry conditions. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, or garage floor, these mop pads will ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process. For deeper cleaning results, you can add floor cleaner into the detergent bottle.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Mop

The smart buckle on the mop handle not only allows for spinning control but also enables you to adjust the mop length from 115cm to 145cm. The stainless steel mop rods are more durable and less prone to bending or cracking compared to traditional mop rods. The flexible mop head can rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to clean every corner of your home with ease.