Molten Basketball BG4000 – The Ultimate Competition Ball

Molten Basketball BG4000 – The Ultimate Competition Ball

Molten Basketball BG4000 – The Ultimate Competition Ball

About the Molten Basketball BG4000

The Molten Basketball BG4000 is a top-of-the-line competition ball designed for professional players and serious basketball enthusiasts. With its premium synthetic leather material, natural leather look, and innovative surface and cushioning concept, this ball offers exceptional performance and durability.

Premium Synthetic Leather with Natural Leather Look

The BG4000 features a premium synthetic leather cover that mimics the appearance and feel of natural leather. This not only enhances the ball’s aesthetics but also provides a soft and comfortable grip, allowing players to maintain full control during intense games.

Superior Surface and Damping Concept

One of the standout features of the Molten BG4000 is its surface and damping concept. The ball’s unique design ensures optimal bounce and responsiveness, allowing for precise shooting, passing, and dribbling. Whether you’re playing on indoor or outdoor courts, this ball delivers consistent performance.

FIBA and DBB Approved

The Molten BG4000 is FIBA approved, making it suitable for use in international competitions and tournaments. It has also been tested and approved by the DBB (German Basketball Federation), as indicated by the DBB logo. This certification guarantees the ball’s quality and adherence to professional standards.

Experience the ultimate in basketball performance with the Molten Basketball BG4000. Its premium synthetic leather, natural leather look, surface and damping concept, and FIBA and DBB approvals make it the perfect choice for competitive play. Elevate your game with the BG4000 today!