Numberblocks Multi-click

Numberblocks Multi-click

Numberblocks Multi-click

The Numberblocks don’t only stand up tall and straight, they love getting into new shapes too. These multi-click Numberblocks allow children to get hands-on with numbers and create their own number adventures in any way they like! Hands-on play is the best way for young children to develop math skills, and these multi-click Numberblocks help children understand how numbers work, all while having fun!


  • Official Licensed Product
  • Based on the award-winning CBeebies show!
  • Handy stand to display and store the Numberblocks
  • Double-sided activity sheet packed with ideas and challenges to try with your blocks and to extend the math learning
  • 2 sheets of peel-and-play face stickers that bring the blocks to life
  • 10 clear numberling blocks that sit on top of the colored blocks to display the number
  • 55 durable colored blocks which click together from side to side and top to bottom to make the Numberblocks in all their amazing shapes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can children benefit from playing with the Numberblocks Multi-click?

Playing with the Numberblocks Multi-click allows children to develop their math skills in a hands-on and interactive way. They can explore different shapes and numbers, enhancing their understanding of how numbers work.

2. Is the Numberblocks Multi-click suitable for all ages?

The Numberblocks Multi-click is designed for young children who are starting to learn about numbers and shapes. It is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

3. Can the Numberblocks Multi-click be used in a classroom setting?

Yes, the Numberblocks Multi-click is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom. It can be used to introduce math concepts and engage students in hands-on learning activities.


The Numberblocks Multi-click is a fantastic toy that allows children to explore numbers and shapes in a fun and interactive way. With its hands-on play and educational features, it is a valuable tool for developing math skills. Get your child the Numberblocks Multi-click and watch them embark on their own number adventures!