Pedrollo Pump with Peripheral Impeller PKM60

Pedrollo Pump with Peripheral Impeller, PKM60

Pedrollo Pump with Peripheral Impeller, PKM60

Product Features

  • Brand: Pedrollo
  • Hand Tools Type: Water Pump
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Model Number: PKM60
  • Item Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 250 x 152 x 138 mm
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 6.5 bar
  • Frequency: 50Hz


Performance Range flow rate up to 40 l/min (2.4 m/h) Head up to 40 M

Application Limits:

  • Monomeric suction lift up to 8 M
  • Liquid temperature between -10 degree C and +60 degree C
  • Ambient temperature up to +45 degree C
  • Continuous service S1

Pump Body:

  • Cast iron, complete with threaded ports in compliance with ISO 228/1

Motor Bracket:

  • Aluminum with brass insert (patented), reduces the risk of impeller seizure


  • Brass, with peripheral radial vanes

Electric Motor:

  • PKm single-phase 230 V – 50Hz with thermal overload protector built-in to the winding
  • Motor bracket in aluminum incorporating patented brass insert
  • Pump body electrostatically powder coated internally and externally with epoxy powder and polymerization at high temperature for increased resistance to rust
  • New patented splined coupling system for locating the impeller on the shaft giving quieter operation and improved durability
  • A new concept in electric motors with reduced operating temperature 20 degree that improves the operating life, and better efficiency for reduced energy consumption
  • More compact but with the same performance and connections as the previous model

Installation and Use

Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made. Thanks to their reliability, the fact that they are easy to use and are economical, they are ideal for domestic use and in particular for distributing water in combination with small pressure sets and for the irrigation of gardens and allotments. The pump should be installed in an enclosed environment, or at least sheltered from inclement weather.


  • 0.37 KW (0.5 HP)
  • MAX FLOW: 40 LPM
  • 230V, 50Hz, SINGLE PHASE
  • DISCHARGE: 1in x 1in

Brand: Pedrollo

Designed to perfection, the Pedrollo Pump with Peripheral Impeller, PKM60 offers unparalleled performance for various applications. Whether you need to distribute water in combination with small pressure sets or irrigate your gardens and allotments, this water pump is the ideal choice. Its reliability, ease of use, and economical nature make it a popular option for domestic use.