Rahs Iron Charcoal Grill (8 Skewers, Matte Black)

Rahs Iron Charcoal Grill (8 Skewers, Matte Black)

Rahs Iron Charcoal Grill (8 Skewers, Matte Black)

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Sturdy Scaffold

Strong body made with industry-grade iron and steel joints topped with a beautiful matte black finish to give a perfect appearance. The charcoal grill is medium and doesn’t weigh much. It can be easily carried and used for making quick meals for a large number of guests and peers. This grill is very easy to use and can cater to small to medium parties at home and outside.

Supreme Quality

Rahs charcoal grill is made with the current industry-grade standards. It comes with 8 large iron-made skewers with wooden handles at ends for heat protection. They can hold your sumptuous meal easily and require no effort to skew the dish you are inspired to cook. Hassle-free usage with quick results. A must-have product for your home.

Charcoal Tray

Charcoal tray with extra paint layering to withstand the heat emitted for charcoal and cinders. The tray is screwed to a wooden knob at the end of the charcoal grill for an easy slide interface. Remove the coal tray for cleaning without any hassle. Re-insert and then place the coal on the tray. Get great results in just a few minutes and prepare your meal. You can also remove the tray while not in use to prevent overcooking of food. Caution advised.

Kitchen in a Box

Take your kitchen everywhere with you. Rahs charcoal grill is compact, sturdy, and portable for all kinds of tandoori and barbecue delicacies. Be it an outdoor picnic, housewarming party, unexpected guest visit, children’s birthday party, celebrations, or more. Rahs charcoal grill is an ideal object to make quick and delicious meals in minutes. A great gifting option for friends and peers, especially for those who harbor a spirit of a chef in them.


  • Charcoal grill
  • Tray
  • 8 sharp skewers

Weight: 2.9 Kg

Dimensions: H38 x L40 x B16 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the charcoal grill easy to clean?

Yes, the charcoal tray can be easily removed for cleaning without any hassle.

2. Can I use the charcoal grill for outdoor picnics?

Yes, the charcoal grill is compact and portable, making it perfect for outdoor picnics.

3. How many skewers are included with the grill?

The grill comes with 8 large iron-made skewers with wooden handles.


The Rahs Iron Charcoal Grill is a high-quality and versatile product that allows you to make delicious meals in minutes. Its sturdy scaffold and supreme quality materials ensure durability and excellent cooking results. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a picnic, this compact and portable grill is the perfect companion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your kitchen everywhere with you. Order the Rahs Iron Charcoal Grill today!