Rollerblade Unisex Adult’s Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

Rollerblade Unisex Adult’s Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

Rollerblade Unisex Adult’s Macroblade 90 Inline Skates


The Macroblade 90 is the perfect choice for skaters looking to upgrade their current skates and improve their speed on the go. With its 90mm wheels, this model offers a great size for optimal performance. The Macroblade 90 provides a sensational fit and hold, thanks to its higher shaft construction that supports and guides the foot when transitioning to larger wheels. This results in a better feel, increased stability, and greater control while skating.

Comfort and Performance

The inner shoe of the Macroblade 90 is made of a functional and breathable mesh material, ensuring optimal cushioning properties. This provides a pleasant, sock-like wearing comfort and enhances the joy of skating. The aluminium rail of the skates ensures more efficient power transmission and a longer service life. The closure system is intuitive to use and stabilizes the foot, maximizing fit and comfort.

Speed and Control

The Macroblade 90 is designed for casual inline skating and entry-level training, offering secure support and balance. The higher cuffs provide additional security for the ankles, ensuring a secure foot grip. The comfort padding and breathability in the tongue and ankle area, combined with the buckle closure, further enhance the overall skating experience.


With the Rollerblade Unisex Adult’s Macroblade 90 Inline Skates, you can take your skating to the next level. Experience better stability, control, and comfort with its innovative design. The ideal set-up of the wheels and bearings ensures that you always have the speed and control under control. The brake is already assembled, making it convenient for immediate use. Upgrade your skating gear and enjoy the thrill of skating with the Macroblade 90.