TRUGLO Veros 5-Pin Archery Bow Sight

TRUGLO Veros 5-Pin Archery Bow Sight

TRUGLO Veros 5-Pin Archery Bow Sight

Introducing the Veros Ultra-Bright Hunting Sight

The all-new VEROS ultra-bright hunting sight is designed to enhance your archery experience. With its innovative features and advanced technology, this bow sight is perfect for compound bows. The Veros sight is equipped with the latest PRO-BRITE pin design, ensuring increased durability and brightness for improved accuracy.

Enhanced Visibility and Accuracy

The Veros sight features the RIZEWRAP angled-fiber holder, which increases light exposure to the fiber-optics. This unique design allows for maximum brightness, even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the sight comes with extra-long fibers that further enhance brightness, ensuring clear visibility of your target.

With its decreasing diameter pins (DDP) design, the Veros sight offers smaller pin sizes for longer distances. This patented design blocks less of the target, resulting in more precise pin placement and more accurate aiming. Whether you’re shooting at short or long distances, the Veros sight provides pinpoint accuracy.

Easy Adjustability and Versatility

The Veros sight is designed for easy adjustability, allowing you to achieve pinpoint accuracy. It features mid-bracket elevation adjustment, which allows for simple adjustment without crowding the aperture. The sight also offers micro-adjustable windage and elevation with strong pre-loaded joints, ensuring precise adjustments for your shooting needs.

For added versatility, the Veros sight has a 2nd and 3rd axis adjustable level. This feature allows you to align your sight with your bow, ensuring proper alignment and improved accuracy. Whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed shooter, the Veros sight can be easily adjusted to suit your shooting style.

Protected Fiber Design

The Veros sight is built to withstand the elements. All fiber-optics are enclosed in a protective cover that provides maximum light exposure while protecting the fibers from dirt, debris, and moisture. This ensures that your sight remains bright and clear, even in challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, the Veros sight comes with a shielding mechanism that blocks light from everything but the fibers when using the included LED light. This further enhances the brightness of the sight, allowing for improved visibility and accuracy.

New and Improved Features

The Veros sight is packed with new and improved features to enhance your shooting experience. The sight now comes with a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring, which provides improved daylight visibility and a low-light glow. This ensures that you can easily align your sight, even in challenging lighting conditions.

The Veros sight also features TRU-TOUCH soft feel technical coating, providing a comfortable grip and reducing noise during shooting. It can be mounted for both left- and right-handed shooters, offering versatility and convenience for archers of all preferences.

Experience the ultimate in accuracy and brightness with the TRUGLO Veros 5-Pin Archery Bow Sight. Upgrade your archery game today!